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Our products are the most cost effective, reliable, flexible, advanced and durable systems on the market. You Imagine it, we get the job done.

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Just some of the many companies that have used are revolutionary technology

Our Technology

The heart of i8 Interactive is a powerful and easy to use platform that allows us to simply track hand and body movement.


Our core software, the heart of Imagin8, is a powerful and easy to use platform that allows us to simply track hand and body movement.

The core module is wrapped with a sophisticated management system, and application creation tool for rapid interactive experience development. Finally, it includes a content management environment for massive deployment of interactive multi-point networks.


Our Engine, the heart of our software platform, controls the various input and output types.

The Engine supports Imagin8’s proprietary (patent pending) sensor integrated hardware design.

Each feature is selected and tightly integrated to support 2D and 3D computer vision and other various types of touch and touchless detection.

With two sensor versions available; implementation of touchless can be performed from one foot to 100 ft away. Our sensors can adapt to various lighting conditions with patent pending ambient light subtraction algorithm.


Know your audience better than ever before!

For marketing purposes, the core system is equipped with consumer-use tracking and data analysis. We measure the time and date of interaction, the effect used, and duration. This builds statistics on the popularity of each effect, and what time of day is it most used. All this vital information is then automatically uploaded to the I8 cloud.

Not only do you get an accurate look at the system’s ROI, the measurements provide you with data that can be used across many other investments.


i8 Interactive’s application creation tool for rapid interactive development, includes the required features allowing creative professionals to easily create single or multi-layered applications (effects).

The creative professional is able to create new applications or edit existing applications instantaneously.

The applications can be as simple as single layered, or as sophisticated by adding as many as 10 layers.

i8 Interactive has added additional components such that creative professionals can add photo and video capture for maximum engagement possibilities.
Sharing is caring and to-that-end integration with social media networks such as Facebook and YouTube are also included.


The software interface allows you to customize the interactive experience easily using three simple steps;

1. Select your target surface: wall, floor, window, bar, or table.

2. Select an output device: LCD panel, LED panel, or projector.

3. Select your applications: out of the box, the software is delivered with power packing apps such as Page Flipping, Wayfinder, PhotoImpact, Launcher, Karaoke, Digital Signage, etc. The Imagin8 creative team is inventing new apps all the time to better suit client requests.


Our custom applications produced by i8 Interactive’s creative team show what our cutting edge products are capable of.

Way-Finder: an interactive digital directory for quick store navigation

PhotoImpact: captures high-quality photos, and HD videos with audio, and instantly uploads the material to social media outlets.

Karaoke: a karaoke booth that records HD audio and video, and shares performance to social media outlets

Launcher: an app that allows client to add buttons and menus to any digital experience

Cut Screen: for generic digital branding and signage configuration

Social Media Integration: automatic uploads of photos to Facebook, videos to Youtube, etc

Information Capturing: automatically captures consumer names, email addresses, etc for marketing purposes

About Us

i8 Interactive has made fantasy a reality.


In the past decade there has been interest in new technologies to revitalize the advertising world. With many futuristic-themed films presenting interactive screens and showing ads in a fun and sleek way.

i8 Interactive has made that fantasy a reality.

New touch smart-phones, and various tablets are drastically changing the way we interact with technology, but this explosion of touch screen applications is limited to the small screen.

i8 Interactive has taken touch to the next level. It is successfully engaging consumers using much larger mediums such as floor screens, table tops and window displays.

i8 Interactive began its development during the summer of 2009. The company currently has resellers in 21 countries and names Disney, Sony, Guess and Mazda among some of their clients.

i8 Interactive’s proprietary technology turns ordinary surfaces into exciting self-motivated experiences.


We bring life to static environments by enhancing the existing infrastructure with interactive effects. Convert walls, floors, windows, and tables into a digital playground.

We provide our clients a fresh new approach to delivering their messages and enhancing their brand, by using i8 Interactive’s fun and exciting interactive digital products.

Each i8 Interactive product has multi-touch and multi-user recognition; the more participants, the merrier.

No matter which products you acquire or service you select, all are easy to use! All you need is power. Our worldwide engineer support team is here for you for online, phone, or on-site setup and support.


i8 Interactive has developed proprietary software and mastered the use of gesture-recognition technologies for multi-touch/multi-user capabilities that can turn any surface into an engaging and fun interactive digital display.

To prove if your digital experience is meeting your expectations, we’ve added audience measurement to every solution. This gives clients the data to measure the success of each campaign.

To ensure everything is up and running, i8 Interactive has also developed a sophisticated remote management platform that delivers peace of mind to our customers and allows us to service nationwide customers. Our worldwide support team is here for you, over the phone, internet, or on-site.

i8 Interactive is dependable; customers have turned to us to develop solutions that address their business challenges. For example, control interactive points at retail, create a memorable experience in public spaces, promote their brand and create additional revenue stream from an interactive digital signage network.

Our products are the most cost effective, reliable, flexible, advanced and durable systems on the market. You Imagine it, we get the job done.

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